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Sunday, November 02 2008
Greetings!  As you all know we are an organization dedicated to making a difference.  A big part of that has been our mandatory requirement for international service while on tour.  As the first organization to meld the idea of high level sports and service and the first and only organization to require service as a mandatory element of the travel program, we look to build on that commitment in 2009/2010.  We are also proud to have inspired many of our competitors to  incorporate community service.  While we certainly don't incorporate service to sell more tours, we do incorporate the service element b/c it is part of the fabric of who we are and what we do.  In 2009, we will continue our commitment to sponsoring children in the name of select teams that travel under certain program.  We are also pleased to announce our new "Impact a Child" campaign which will begin in our Brazil and Argentina programs.  Under the Impact a Child program teams traveling with us will do the following:
  • Financial Support:  Zag will provide funding to the organization and children on an annual basis.
  • Gather Clothing and Supplies:  Teams will be asked t0 gather clothing, equipment, etc for delivery on their arrival in Brazil and Argentina.
  • Clothing Drop and Person to Person Sharing:  Teams traveling will work with children within the program for 1 or 2 sessions during their program. The aim of that interaction is to share with each other and provide for future opportunity to nurture and give back upon the team's return.
  • Zag Pen Pals:  Participating teams will be encouraged to write and email their partner children on a monthly basis.  We also encourage teams to consider gathering supplies during the year and sending them down.
We hope our added structure and building in opportunity for teams to sustain long lasting relationships with these children will prove powerful and life changing!  Join us and learn more about our powerful and life changing programs!
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